Dr. Sylvia R. Ramos,

President and Founder
of Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC

Critical-Life-Data is the parent company of the Emergency Prep-4U product line of emergency preparedness template products for the Home & Family.

Dr. Ramos is a developer, administrator and educator with over 30 years in the education field working with our young people from K through 12th grade and College. During her career, she has amassed over 20 years experience as a program developer and administrator in the Community College.

Her experiences include… founding president of Southeast College, one of the colleges within the Houston Community College System in Houston, Texas. She later accepted an offer to relocate to the City of Chicago as President of Richard J. Daley College, one of the seven City Colleges in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Ramos has dedicated herself to helping others and since her retirement from the Community College system her dedication to helping others to be prepared has been un-wavered.

As a resident of Houston and Galveston, Texas she has experienced several Hurricanes and personal disasters and knows all to well the meaning of emergency preparedness and disaster recovery first hand. It is from these experiences that she created Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC and the EmergencyPrep-4U Preparedness Products.


John A. Ladick, CCEMT-P,
Director of Operations & Co-Founder
of Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC

Critical-Life-Data is the parent company of the Emergency Prep-4U preparedness products for the Home & Family.
Mr. Ladick has dedicated himself to helping others as a First Responder and Critical Care Paramedic. Currently, John is a member of NFPA, IAFP and a pre-medical student returning to education to redirect his career as a Medical Doctor in Emergency Room Care.

As a first responder, Mr. Ladick has experienced first hand the lack of preparedness that individuals and business owners have in an emergency situation and the need for individuals to be prepared for medical and personal emergencies to save time and lives.

In Mr. Ladick’s personal life as a Coast Guard Auxiliary Approved Great Lakes Boater and a General Aviation Pilot, Mr. Ladick strongly recommends the use of checklists for emergency preparedness and those safety practices that others need to carry over to their individual and business lives.

It is these life experiences that have helped to develop the EmergencyPrep-4U product line. Mr. Ladick is a Critical Care Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic and holds these certifications: CCEMT-P, EMT-P, NRP, PALS, CPR/AED, ACLS, ITLS, and TBI.

The orginal 9 member Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC team consists of dedicated professionals in the disciplines of Business, Legal, Financial, Medical, Information Technology, Education and Special Education.

Based on years of experiences...our team of professionals have been committed to developing the best offering of affordable and all natural emergency preparedness products for your Home & Family.

Dr. Sylvia Ramos
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