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"We are truly living in a time where things are being shaken like never before. Never, have there been so many natural disasters or “acts of God” in our nation. From hurricanes, earthquakes, to tornado’s, we are witnessing a surge in this kind of activity.

One of the greatest concerns is that most people are not prepared. They are not prepared because they have the same attitude I did, “It will never happen to me.”

On the morning of June 7, 2008, on a warm beautiful day in Richton Park, Illinois, I arrived at the church. I had one thought, get everything done and go golfing. As the day went on, things began to change. Suddenly a storm began to gather and while sitting in my office, the sirens began to wail. Instead of staying in the Church, I decided I needed to get home, so I hopped in my truck and took off down the highway. As I began to drive, I looked off to my right, and would you know it, a tornado was barreling down right towards me"...

Read the full letter by Jeffery W. Morrow, Lead Pastor, South Suburban Christian Center Assembly of God Church, Illinois.

Read What Another One of Our Customers is saying…

With all of the uncertainty going on around us… how does anyone prepare for an emergency or disaster in his or her family? Most of us feel… it will not happen to me! In our family, my sister lives in California, my Mother lives in the "Show Me State" of Missouri and my family is living in Illinois. Between the three of us, there was no way for us to know where each other’s critical information is located. What do we do in case of an emergency? How do we communicate or locate necessary information to recover from a disaster? What is mom's medical information, who are her doctors, what belongings does she have in the house, who is she insured with?

I was so impressed after reviewing the EmergencyPrep-4U Home & Family products from Critical-Life-Data that I purchased a CD for my sister in California, a CD for my family in Illinois and the 100 page Home & Family Workbook for my mother in Missouri.

To be prepared…we have each reviewed the product, answered the questions, documented our information and exchange it with each other. Now if one of us has an emergency or disaster at our house, one of our family members will have the necessary information to help the other recover. This product has giving each of us a very secure feeling now that we documented our critical information, assets, papers, and photographs…we are now truly prepared to help each other in time of need. To back-up my information they tell me they are affiliated with Mozy a leading data management and on-line storage company. With Mozy, we can back-up all of our digital data including our photos through the website and Mozy for as little as $4.95 per month or less. What a great product, everyone needs to do this!
Sandy Essex - Elgin, IL.

"When Katrina struck we lost everything … If we would have had this product available and stored all of our data in one place, we would have saved a lot of time and effort searching for critical information to recover..."
G.G., New Orleans, Louisiana

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