Ready2 Drink Now - Use, Benefits & Evidence

Pure Drinking Water - The Absolute Basic Necessity In Life!

All AquaPail™ and AquaBrick™ - Transforms Heavily Contaminated Surface, Lake and Tap Water
From The Extremely Unthinkable into The Drinkable... The World's Most Effective, Evidence Based,
All Natural, Gravity Fed, Safe Portable Water Treatment System Available!
Kills and Removes All Contaminates Up To 5 Micron Pure!

When and Where To Use

  • Everyday – To Provide Pure Clean Water For Your Family
  • When Public Water Sources are Contaminated or Unavailable
  • To Provide Purified Water For Freeze Dried/Dehydrated Foods
  • Humanitarian Aid For Disaster Relief & Emergency Recovery
  • All Outdoor Activities

    • + Don't Forget Your Pets and Animals Water Needs

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Extraordinary Benefits

+ Improved Health

  • Removes Particulates
  • Deactivates Harmful Bacteria, Cysts and Spores
  • Removes Toxins, Radiation, and Heavy Metals
  • Kills Microbial and Viral Pathogens
  • Environmentally Safe Green Product
  • Technologically Advanced and Sane Product


How It Works!



Evidence Based Studies and Testing Have Shown Both AquaPail™ and AquaBrick™ Meet or

Exceed The Listed Water Treatment Industrial Standards

  • ANSI (American Standards Institute) Water Standards
  • NSF ANSI 61 Certification ( Exceeds EPA Standards)
  • EPA – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • FDA – U.S. Federal Drug Administration
  • WHO – World Health Organization
  • WQA – Water Quality Association – Standard 61
  • USEPA - Comprehensive Surface Water Treatment Rules
  • USEPA – Rules ESWTRT 40CFR 141.170 to 141.175 and LTIESWTR40CFR 141.500 to 141.571
  • USEPA Microbial & Disinfection By Products Rule (MDBP): DBP2005
  • Filter Media and Adsorbent Media FDA Classified Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Under 21 CFR Part 182.2729 and 40 CFR Part180.1001 In Compliance With WQA Standard 61

Don’t Be Scared… Be Prepared…

Pure Water in Minutes Anywhere, At Home, Office or Away.
Use For Daily Use, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Recovery, Outdoor Activities,
Hunting, Camping, RV's, Boating, and more…

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